About Us

Life Resources of Georgia was established in 2007 as a service-oriented non-profit organization serving pregnancy assistance organizations in Georgia. LRG has been placed in a unique position to be able to lead and unify this life-affirming work in the state of Georgia.

We are able to identify growth opportunities and provide resources for the work of organizations across the state, so that we can enable families involved in unplanned pregnancies to have access to compassionate care during their time of need. 

We do this in 2 ways:

We have a unique bird's eye view that identifies growth opportunities in 4 primary areas: outreach geographically, outreach into any at-risk population/groups (schools/ prisons, etc.), expanding medical services, and providing strategic insights for donors and key stakeholders who are passionate about partnering in this sector.

We then resource organizations by providing high impact trainings, outreach programs and consulting that will increase their effectiveness.



Life Resources of Georgia is a non-profit organization that:
  • Identifies opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the life-affirming work in GA
  • Provides quality trainings for volunteers, staff, and boards
  • Develops new outreach programs 
  • Assists in developing new organizations and satellites
  • Offers coaching services for new and existing directors/staff/boards
We are:
  • Visionary  (Bird's eye view - providing a unique statewide perspective that creates an awareness of opportunities to strengthen the work in GA)
  • Proactive (Initiating relationships)
  • Relational (Increasing impact by providing assistance in the context of a credible relationship)
  • Professional (Promoting professionalism through instruction and example)
  • Relevant (Offering timely resources and information based on the needs of the individual organization)
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